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Coronavirus: Walmart Adapts, Shelves Remain Barren

Sunday, April 4, 2020

Running low on a few staples I donned my white mask and headed to Walmart on Inner Perimeter yesterday afternoon. O

Walmart now closes at 8:30 p.m. and has begun limiting how many people enter, as shown above

The mega box store had already been closing early, but yesterday they took things further by cordoning off an area at one entrance with signs posted warning customers to remain six feet away from each other.

Many items are out of stock regularly

Other than that, nothing else seemed different, other than the shelves in certain aisles being stripped.

Meats are picked over daily

Here in The Deep South, Valdosta, Georgia’s citizens continue to be lackadaisical in their respect for the coronavirus pandemic,

Yesterday, Friday April 4, was the first day Gov. Brian Kemp announced a stay at home (or, as his office is calls it, “shelter in place,”) requirement for all of Georgia at a press conference Wednesday.

Gov. Brian Kemp finally announces Georgians to “shelter in place” effective Friday, April 3

Gov. Kemp is a Republican and Georgia in a red state. That apparently is all you must know in order to rationalize his late leadership in protecting Georgia citizens from what is a worldwide pandemic.

Woman standing in butter and cream cheese section

During his press conference he claimed not to have known that the novel virus could be passed by completely asymptotic people, (aka “shedders”) which has garnered public disapproval from some of his hardcore supporters.

However, he said the opposite in a televised press conference which can be found here:

Be that as it may, Georgia now has to wake up and start practicing the only known way to “flatten the curve” by insisting people stay inside.

To this day, widespread testing is not being done,

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