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GA Man Describes ER Scene During COVID

By Robin Postell

Throughout the COVID crisis, stories emerge reporting random events. Hospitals are overrun with COVID cases that displace care for others. In this Facebook post below, a man from Georgia gets the scare of his life when he sees what an ER looks like during COVID after his wife had been assaulted violently.

She had been attacked in her front yard by a young man who police said was already wanted for other offenses.

“Well I’m fixing to ask something from my friends on Facebook I never thought I would ever have to ask,” writes the Georgia man. “I got a call from Coffee County Regional Hospital emergency room in Douglas, Georgia tonight requesting I come immediately.”

It Got Scary Real

“And folks as I pulled up nearer to the emergency room entrance, COVID -19 didn’t just get real it got scary real….5 or 6 folks dress in all black with black surgical masks 1 or 2 of them appeared to have side arms,” he continues. “But I could be completely wrong about that because it was dark and after all that has happen tonight if it was guns I’m glad they had them and they probably should have a few more.”

Living in Different Times

“I told them why I was there and they explained to me why I couldn’t enter the building and I thanked them and told them I totally understood,” he says. “You see, we are living in different times these days and I have just experienced that first hand in more ways than one tonight.”

In the Back of Pickup Trucks

The man continues, “Today if you get injured they try to stabilize you as best they can and get you out the door via a stretcher or wheelchair to the backseat of a waiting pickup truck heading to Lakeland, not because they are trying to be mean or anything.”

In fact, he says, they are the first to agree in normal times they would insist that she stay overnight if not a couple of days due to her extensive injuries.

“But the way things are right now the clear and present dangers sort of outweigh the standard operating procedures, he says.

Asking for Prayers

So I was told…be that as it may, she’s in pretty bad shape ..your prayers are truly needed and greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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