Deidra Heard-Wilkes, Georgia healthcare worker, dies from coronavirus
Coronavirus 2020

2 GA Healthcare Workers Found Dead from Coronavirus on Same Day

The number of people contracting coronavirus in the state of Georgia is cause for alarm, taking the lives of two healthcare workers in one day

By Robin Postell

The exponential growth of this pathogen took the lives of two Georgia healthcare workers on the same day last week.

Last Thursday brought a lonely, remarkable death for Deidre Wilkes, 42. When relatives called the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office requesting a welfare check, deputies found her dead with a small child there with her.

Wilkes, who worked as a mammogram technician at Piedmont Newnan Hospital, had been in her home dead between 12-16 hours, according to authorities.

Coweta County Coroner Richard Hawk determined she was positive for the coronavirus. Hawk also stated that she had experienced some “flu-like symptoms” about a week prior to her death, but had not been tested.

Piedmont Newnan Hospital is disputing the cause of Wilkes’ death.

Another woman, 48, who worked at Donalsonville Hospital, tested positive for COVID-19, and died Thursday at a hospital in Tallahassee, Florida.

The Georgia Department of Public Health has said that the Donalsonville healthcare worked had a pre-existing chronic condition but has not offered much about her job description or identity.

State officials confirmed the deaths Monday, adding that 800 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Georgia, with an alarming increase of 180 new cases in just one day.

The death toll rose to 26. Last count, as of this writing on Thursday, March 26, is 47.

According to a report from, the number of COVID-19 cases in Georgia has risen to 1,387, and the number of COVID-19 deaths in the state increased to 47 as of Wednesday evening, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Of the COVID-19 patients in Georgia, state data show, 438 had been hospitalized — nearly 32%

For a detailed list county-by-county, click here. This is a global pandemic, but it is so local, too, don’t forget. Stay informed.

The numbers change quickly. And accuracy is challenged.

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