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Over 2 Million File For Unemployment

By Robin Postell

According to Goldman Sachs, 2.5 million Americans filed jobless claims this week.

A stunning prediction on unemployment claims would be highest in recorded history.

That is 8 times more than last week and the most on record.

Sen. Mitch McConnell is working on a trillion dollar stimulus package at the moment but is it enough?

Nowhere near enough, we will need trillions more.

People are being told nationwide to go home which is grinding business to a halt.

Nobody coming in to buy, they let people go so they can take care of their own at home.

This tidal wave will happen quickly

We have a $20 trillion economy and are saying the economy has to stop for 2-3 months so a quarter of that is $5 trillion.

If you assume half of that is worker costs that’s 2.5 trillion just to fill the financial gap over the next several months.

A trillion is not enough to cover the workers locked down and out of their jobs.

Now is the time for all good news to come to the aid of their country!


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