Coronavirus 2020

Coronavirus: Photos from Around the World

By Robin Postell

Friday, March 13, 2020

Every hour the story changes regarding the coronavirus.

As a result, we are experiencing a historical event of which we are all a part. Information is sometimes vague.

But photos always tell a personal story that often media outlets cannot. Many are circulating on social media and I am collecting them.

Please send your photos to include in this growing body of work…

As the world copes with the spread of the novel coronavirus, different countries handle issues differently.

In South Korea, hit hardest and fastest next to China, the country has been working from the start to contain it.

The South Korea market shelves remain stocked

The markets have not been stripped throughout the crisis. Most people are self-quarantining themselves in their homes.

These photos were contributed by Dagea, South Korean professor and U.S. ex-pat Michael Cavada.

He and his wife have been shut up in their apartment for over a month now, going out for about an hour daily in case they need supplies or a little air.

Photos from Dagea, South Korea…

In Dagea, South Korea nearly 100% of the population wears masks in public, which prevents asymptomatic shedding and also protect from air droplets
Michael Cavada in S. Korea and sends these photos, “Wear your masks.”
In Dagea, South Korea, Cavada says that, “everybody realizes that hoarding just means others have to go witout.”
Cavada also shows how the South Korean markets have plenty of water stocked
Cavada sent this photo saying, “Plentiful sanitizer. Even a deal on offer. When a society gets the truth from its government, and sees mass free testing for all, then it doesn’t panic. Just stay the course and behave accordingly.”

Photos from Parma, Italy

Another friend, Beatrice Roberti, in the northern part of Italy, Parma, has been dealing with the flu for the last several weeks, watching neighboring communities turn into “Red Zones.” A few days ago, Parma became a Red Zone, too.

The photo below shows the market where tape on the floors designate “social distancing” markers to help people from contaminating one another.

Examples of how people are dealing with the coronavirus in different countries
This photo was taken in an Italian market showing floor marking for “social distancing”

Meanwhile, in the United States, stores are running out of supplies, primarily toilet paper, hand sanitizer, water, and cleaning products, as pictured below in Thomasville, Georgia.

Photos from Georgia, U.S…

Kimberly Kirk, who works for a housekeeping business, continues to go to work daily but sent these photos below to show how the stores are being stripped.

South Georgia
In Thomasville, Georgia, at a Walmart, toilet paper aisles are empty
This section of a Thomasville, Georgia Walmart shows the cleaning supplies aisle empty

These were taken today (March 13, 2020) a little after lunch.
We went back around 230 and was fighting over toilet paper!
I wanted those last two packs of Charmin!
Me and another lady got the last four packs.

Kimberly Kirk, Thomasville, Georgia resident

Up in Duluth, Georgia, author Kris Harnage Phillips goes shopping today, Friday, March 13, 2020, and encounters many empty shelves, too.

No TP, but I scored napkins, paper plates, and Kleenex! 😁😁😁

Kris Harnage Phillips, March 13, 2020
coronavirus empty shelves in duluth ga
Kris Harnage Phillips, an author living in Duluth, Georgia, took this photo on March 13 or empty shelves

No chicken or hamburger left!

Kris Harnage Phillips, Duluth, Georgia, March 13, 2020
Empty meat cooler at Publix in Duluth, Georgia

Please feel free to send me photos to use in upcoming posts to chronicle this historical event in our history!

Send to: and I will be sure to credit you. If you add captions I will add those, too.

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