Michael Cavada and wife in S. Korea
Coronavirus 2020

Coronavirus Tips from S. Korea

By Robin Postell

Before the U.S. got hit with the coronavirus/Covid-19, China, South Korea, and Italy were waging war against it. This should have been a playbook for the U.S. to follow but it seems Americans were deluded by the “it can’t happen to us” affliction.

market in south korea during coronavirus
South Korea’s government has worked with citizens to flatten the curve

Watching from Dagea, South Korea, U.S. ex-pat Michael Cavada is shocked at how his native country dismisses the virus. He has been writing to me every day saying that Americans need to pay attention in order to get ahead of it.

The latest from S.Korea on Thursday, March 5, 2020:

“This virus first pops up in the community as single cases. Then, it pops up again as an isolated case. Suddenly, it presents in small clusters. If not dealt with appropriately at this stage, it will blow up and become a disaster. The other way that this virus spreads is that it goes undetected in a group that has been meeting in large numbers and in close quarters; churches, nursing homes, sports teams, office buildings, etc… If this happens, and nobody is testing or quarantining, then the proverbial shit hits the fan.”

Michael Cavada, U.S. native working in Dagea, South Korea

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