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“Whole White Baby” Found in Georgia

By Robin Postell

DOUGLAS, Ga. – On Sunday, January 18, 2020, around 3 p.m., Shawn and Teezy Fussell had no clue what was about to happen to them.

Driving along in their Chrysler 300 on the Fitzgerald Highway in Coffee County they saw something ahead in the road.

“Is that a dog?” Shawn said.

“No! That’s a…whole white baby!” Teezy said.

A nearly-naked blond-headed barefoot baby boy, probably about a year-old, was in the middle of the busy highway without an adult in sight, cars and trucks zooming past it.

“We was coming from Ambrose,” Shawn Fussell said. “Thankfully my car crunk up. It ain’t been cranking because I gotta bad starter, and we started off and I said that’s a whole white baby in the road. I slammed on brakes and a green Jeep nearly hit me then a semi passed by blowing its horn. We pulled over the side of the road and we called 911, then I went live on Facebook trying to see if anybody knew who he was.”

What ensued was a shocking, but engaging, heroic video of the Fussell cousins on Facebook Live asking people for help finding the parents of the wandering baby.

“Y’all, anybody know this baby…this baby just out here…like to get run over…” Teezy Fussell said in the video. “…he’s got to be close because his feet ain’t even dirty.”

The video began circulating widely on social media and is nearly half an hour long, commenters commending the two men for their heroism.

Shawn took off his hoodie and put it on the baby to keep it warm while they waited on the Douglas Police Department to show up. No one came out Looking for the missing child for almost the entire Live video.

Teezy walked up the road while Shawn stayed with the baby by the car waiting on the police, hoping to spot someone, or knock on some doors.

“I don’t want to get shot,” Teezy said in the video.

When the police pulled up, Teezy was narrating the video walking up the highway passing a gated home on the left, which he couldn’t approach to knock on the door because it required security access. “We in a nice neighborhood,” Teezy said, assuming the baby had come from that direction because he had been coming down a hill.

“He was in the middle of the road, sir,” Teezy told the officer. “He came from down this hill. I ain’t never been in nothing like this right here.”

After half an hour some yelling is heard and a woman comes out. “He been in the road…We’ve been out here for about 30 minutes. He was in the middle of the road,” Teezy said to the approaching woman audibly agitated.

According to reports from the Douglas Police Department, the child had “been napping and woke up” but couldn’t find his mother. She finally came outside and found the child with the Fussell cousins and police.

The child was reunited with his mother and police said it didn’t appear any criminal activity was suspected.

In a radio interview with 106.9 The Buck, Shawn Fussell said, “The mother reached out to me and said thank you, plenty of times, they all did, there were a lot of emotions going on. She reached out again on Facebook to say thank you. We just wanted to help. We saw a baby on the side of the road and we gotta help. We did something every human being should do.”

Teezy expressed himself colorfully throughout the video to its conclusion, and his narrative has made the video into a viral hit.

“A whole white baby,” Teezy told Valdosta Today. “In the middle of the road!”

Teezy and Shawn Fussell very likely saved the child’s life.

Teezy posted this after all the attention

Teezy added, “I bet you won’t see this on the news!”

The baby is out of the highway, thanks to the Fussell cousins, and they’re compassion and efforts are spreading across the world to save the #wholewhitebaby.

LEAD PHOTO: Teezy Fussell screenshot from Facebook Live video.

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